Warming Up Your Leads

Do you have a proper sales funnel set up for your business yet? Do you have a plan for attracting new customers and then leading them by the hand from the point where they’re just discovering your brand, to the point where they feel familiar enough and trusting enough that they’re willing to part with their hard earned cash?

If not, then there’s a good chance that you’re driving your visitors away before they’ve had a chance to buy. If your landing page right now is simply an attempt to sell, then you’ll be putting off visitors and not collecting any of their details before they do.

 Consider this analogy…

The Watch Salesman

Imagine that you’re out in town and someone comes up to you with a watch and offers you to buy it for $5,000. What do you do?

The vast majority of us would say no – even if we liked the watch. Why? Because we don’t know anything about that person and don’t know if we can trust them not to sell us a counterfeit. At the same time, we don’t know anything about the watch or what it’s like beyond the looks. Then there’s the even more fundamental fact that we might not be in the market for a watch. Maybe we already have a watch. Maybe we don’t have $5,000 spare. Maybe we hate watches.

Well this is exactly how a vast majority of websites operate. If you are driving traffic to your site and then trying to sell, you’re essentially trying to get someone to hand over their cash with zero preamble and zero targeting.

The Better Approach

So what does the smart watch salesman do? For starters, they hand out fliers rather than trying to sell right away. They’ve got your attention and now they’re actually going to do something useful with that by establishing contact so they can sell to you in future.

At the same time, they should stand in the right place – outside a watch-lovers conference for example or a watch repair shop.

And instead of trying to sell their $5,000 watch right away, maybe they should try and sell a $500 to start with.

Now they’re gradually building a relationship and building trust and only then trying to sell. This is how you need to operate and if you can do that, you’ll be 100% more successful.

PPC Banner

How to Use PPC to Build the Perfect Sales Funnel

One of the key stages with any digital marketing strategy is what happens right before your sales funnel. IN other words, how are you bringing people to your brand in the first place? What are you doing to get them on your site? And how do you know that they’re going to be interested in what you’re selling?

This is where PPC comes in. PPC is of course ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising and the two biggest networks are Google AdWords (which lets you place ads on searches) and Facebook Ads (which lets you target people by the details they have given Facebook).

But simply using PPC is not enough, if you’re going to be successful then you need to use PPC correctly and this will mean thinking about it in a highly systematic and logical way.

How to Build the Perfect PPC Campaign

A good PPC campaign starts with the right targeting. This means knowing exactly who your target demographic is and where they’re likely to be/what they’re likely to be selling. It stands to reason that if you’re selling to someone who is interested in your product, you will shift more units!

But just as important is to think about your cost per click (CPC). This is the maximum bid you are willing to spend when someone clicks on your ad. The more you pay, the more your ad will be seen in competitive searches. Conversely though, your objective is of course to keep this overhead as low as possible, so that you can maximize your profit margin.

And to do that, you need to calculate exactly how much each customer is going to be worth to you. This means calculating your CLV or ‘Customer Lifetime Value’. That means identifying not only how much your visitors are worth to you in the short term but also how much they are worth to you in the long term – how many times does the average visitor buy once from you? And how many times do they progress to the next stage in the funnel and buy a more expensive item from you? You need to calculate this, such that you have an average for the overall spend of each customer. This is how much you can afford to spend.

Goal Tracking

Better yet though, you’re now going to watch those visitors that you’re paying for and see how likely they are to buy from you once, twice or more. That’s because the CLV will be more or less for each customer dependent on how they got to your site. Goal tracking will allow you to do this and that way, you will then know how much you can afford to invest in each of your visitors.

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How to Add Polish and Sheen to Your Sales Funnel With a Video

There is one big problem with a lot of sales funnels. And that is quite simply that they tend to be very low quality…

That is to say, that most of the offers we get to ‘earn money from home’ or ‘get into great shape with minimum effort’, are presented pretty much like spam. The logos are low resolution, the writing is substandard and the overall presentation looks like something somebody knocked together in a spare afternoon.

This is bad for marketing for one key reason – it makes us wonder why this seller – who is apparently so successful – can’t afford to present their website a little better. This then undermines any good work that the marketer might have done with regards to the product itself, the sales pitch or the pricing structure.

But if you’re in a similar boat, then there’s one key way you can get an edge: try creating a video.


The Power of Video

Videos are fantastic for engagement and they can also have an amazing impact on your customers by making your brand seem that much more professional and that much more high quality. As soon as a video starts playing, most of us will instantly be engaged and find it hard to stop watching. Videos have a way of grabbing our attention and emoting that words and images just can’t match.

This is especially true if your video has a professional sheen and production values. If your video looks like it was made by a professional team, then this will inspire instant trust and the assumption will be that your product also has a similar level of detail and effort applied.

How to Make High Quality Video

So how do you make a high quality video that will reflect well on your organization?

The first tip is to use a high quality camera. But more important than that even is to make sure that you have good lighting. Good lighting can brighten up video footage and make it look a lot more professional. The same goes for audio – and it only takes a lapel mic plugged into a smartphone to create some excellent quality audio for your videos.

Try to speak slowly and clearly, dress smartly and think about your backdrop – avoid standing in front of your dirty laundry!

Finally, add a video opener, a logo and some bottom thirds and you’ll have a video that looks like it’s fresh out of Hollywood. Maybe…

Lead Management and Scoring for Your Sales Funnel

The objective of a sales funnel can be understood by looking at it in the context of lead generation. Lead generation is a term that is often used in sales and essentially this means that you’re reaching out to people that are in your target demographic and then slowly introducing them to your brand. You’re not trying to force your product down their throats right away but instead you are collecting their details so that you can slowly build a relationship and then sell to them.

These people are your cold leads – the people who have shown no interest in your brand and who never asked you to contact them but who nonetheless fit into your target demographic.

The next type of lead is the warm lead. This is someone who has shown an interest in your brand and who is now potentially ready to be marketed to. Perhaps they subscribed to your mailing list, or maybe they liked you on Facebook.

Finally, you have your ‘qualified lead’. This is someone who has shown an interest in buying from you – perhaps by requesting a quote or clicking to get more information about a product.

In terms of your sales funnel, the qualified lead is the person who is now ready to cross the ‘free line’ and become a paying customer.

This is a crucial concept to understand when constructing a sales funnel because it shows you how you’re going to reach out to new leads and then develop them into paying customers. You start with your cold lead and you end with someone who loves your brand and is committed to buying.

Lead Management and Scoring

Thus, you should include some degree of lead management and scoring in your sales funnel. You will do this first by collecting email addresses from subscribers and the easiest way to do this is with an autoresponder. From there, you’re then going to organize those leads so that you know who is at each point in your funnel.

The best autoresponders have another great feature too, which is the ability to ‘score’ your leads. This means that they can tell you who is the most engaged at any time automatically, with no need for you to calculate that yourself. They will do this by calculating the amount of emails they open, which pages of your site they look at etc.

You’ll then be able to identify who is ready to buy from you and who just needs that extra nudge from a sales-oriented email!

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