Create a Course That Sells

With the rapid growth of digital content, it’s hard to make your course stand out from the crowd.

When we speak about growth, we mean is the actual, calculated, and statistical increment in the number of people on e-Leaning platforms.

So, with the growing numbers, maintaining your presence online requires your most precious asset – time and strategies.

So, here in this post today, we will be looking at some case studies and tips of the most professional and successful people in the industry, making six or even seven-figure incomes by just creating and selling their courses,

So, how do you create a good 'online course'?

We’ve put together a list of proven tips for making your course more appealing and engaging.

Content Writing and Marketing

Have you ever thought, what are the key things clients are looking for in a course?

It’s simple – relevant content! Delivered in an easily digestible and engaging format.

Most people have good knowledge of understanding and learning. But knowing how to successfully deliver your knowledge in a way that clients are willing to pay for isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Understanding and teaching are very different skill sets. Having proper knowledge of teaching methods is a skill that you’ll need to master if you really want to stand out and succeed in a market saturated with online courses.

There are a range of courses available to help you up skill, if you aren’t confident in your teaching abilities but believe in your content, our advice is to hire someone professional who can deliver your content links for you.

Then, after that, the next step would be to know about your target audience (heres some great tools to help you find your target audience). Your target audience are the ones to whom you want to show your content.

Understand your target audience and tailor your course for them. You should be adapting your content to be easily understood by your target market, once you’ve done this you shouldn’t have any issues communicating the value of your online course in such a way that would appeal to your target audience and lead them to purchase.

Free Download Content Stasher

Ensure you provide your readers and clients with premium content like sending them free e-books, etc. It can create a sense of trust between you and your customers, and in the future, you can turn those customers into your long-term clients and ambassadors.

Modern Teaching Strategies

Lets talk about applying modern teaching methods to your online course.

People are getting tired of the old education norms that make students robots by reciting and memorizing the same thing again & again. It doesn’t only make students tired, but they also don’t take an interest and are unlikely to see your course through to completion.

So, it’s high time for you to make an advancement in your course. 

You have to create your course in a way that improves one’s intellectual brainpower by introducing various new and innovative ideas.

You can implement it in the following steps by making your content more engaging:

  • Overcome obstacles by giving them real-life examples.
  • Space for self-learning (very important).
  • Give your students research-based assignments.
  • Include VAK (Visual, Audio, and Kinesthetic – feeling the data) techniques (if possible).
  • Introducing technologies that make their life easier.

Problem Solving

Solving problems doesn’t necessarily mean you have to know all the answers about the field, but it’s heavily similar to the term, ‘you should know what you are doing’.

You should also know about the majority of the problems people are facing nowadays that are related to your ‘niche’. Ensure you join online communities and forums related to your course niche so you can get a healthy insight and stay up to date.

Fly-Wheel Forumla

Jeff Bezos first used the term the ‘flywheel effect’ back in 2001, in his interview, he discussed his Fly-Wheel formula. According to him, your business is a wheel. If you move that wheel fast, your business runs fast. If it becomes slow, then the business becomes slow. The Fly-Wheel has four components.

According to Suny Lenarduzzi, who has made over $6 million by selling online courses, the principal component of a Fly-Wheel is your Online Course. Your course generates Enrollments for you (Enrollment- second important component). Enrollment then creates clients for your business and then, finally these clients become brand evangilists.

The faster these components move (as a form of a wheel), the quicker your business gets and generates money for you, Sunny Lenarduzzi refers to the ‘Fly-Wheel’ as the engine of your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Proofs

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Those three words cannot fully define the impact that SEO has made on Online platforms. SEO directly improves your visibility in search engines.

As we all know, Google is nothing but a well-structured algorithm. Meaning it is a machine that manages almost every flow of information over the internet. 

You can improve your presence in the Google search engine by implementing the following parameters:

  • Keyword research.
  • Content / Case studies should be original.
  • Search Engine Marketing.
  • Link building and Backlinking are the key factors to consider.
  • Site speed & simple or clean templates are some technical aspects of SEO. Site Speed Recommendations

Social Media & Social Proofs

A strong social presence is essential, with effortless access to endless information, your social media accounts back up what your course sales pitch. Your potential clients want to see that you are living the life you are selling.

When your client looks at your Online Course, often the next step they take is to search for your name on Google/ Facebook/ LinkedIn. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s normal. They want to spend their money on you and, in return, they can connect with you and, you, in their eyes, can feel like a reliable and credible source for them.

If you want long-lasting clients that stick with you, then you have to take steps to create your social presence. It cannot only boost your profile but also creates ‘Brand Awareness’.

Similarly, social proof can build trust among your audience about you and your business. 

You can build your social proof by following simple steps: 

  • Showing your testimonials.
  • Show your work (what you are proud of).
  • Proudly showcase your success.
  • Show customer reviews about your services.
  • Show brand endorsement for your business.
Robot professor explains the essence of the concept of social media.

According to Pat Flynn (who made over $2.7 million selling Online Courses)

Choosing Your Platform

Choosing your selling platform is fundamental for selling and managing your course. Choosing the right platform can save your hours of stress and minimize the amount of manual hours you will need to contribute.

There are many platforms available such as Udemy, Skillshare, and Kajabi, etc.

  • Udemy – Launching your first online course.
  • Kajabi – Marketing an Online Course on autopilot.
  • Podia – Selling digital products and memberships.
  • Skillshare – Teach online creative skills, such as Adobe PS, AE, Dreamweaver, etc.
  • Thinkific – Building a course from scratch.
  • Mighty Networks– Building a paid community.
  • Teachable – Creating an online school with advanced marketing.

So Now You Have an Awesome Course, But How Do You Sell It?

Alright, so your confident your course is awesome, now it’s time to switch gear and look at how to market it!

  • Pre-sell your course: I know I might sound (‘You don’t know what you are saying’) but trust me, it works. I know people who create sales on their first day of launching their course. You don’t need a website at first or some aesthetic logo to please your client. But your formula/ your expertise for success (named it – Zero to Hero formula) and, the other one is transformations (your clients).


  • Zero-to-Hero Formula: Before creating your course, you should have one thing in mind, that is, your client is at zero position. And after they enrolled and completing their course, they should consider themselves as the hero.


  • Creating curriculum: You should make a curriculum for your course. It helps people understanding what they about to learn and what’s next.


  • The easiest way to sell: You need only one skill to succeed in your ‘course selling’ journey, that is, the Communication Skills. To simply put – the ability to talk to people. It’s one of the principal skills to learn and, be sure to master it.


  • Create ‘Evergreen’ Sales Funnel: For this, you have to practice the above tips on how to create online courses. First of all, you need ‘Organic’ traffic on your website and use that traffic for collecting user emails and contact information. Schedule webinars and set up online meetings for one-on-one interaction with your clients, listen to them, and guide them about the ‘niche’ on which your course is.


  • Online group discussion: Join online forums and groups related to your niche and interact with them. Share valuable information and learn from them and build your connection/ contacts from there. It helps you in understanding what is happening in your niche. What are the problems people facing in their daily work?


  • Formatting courses: You have to format your ‘Online Course’ in a very professional way. Create slides and put engaging content. If you are in a video of your ‘Online Courses’ buy a good camera for it. Hire a professional to do that work for you if you are having problems handling equipment.


  • Build a website: You must have to create your website if you want to continue your work. Nowadays, portfolios are a must. You should make one for yourself and put all the work you have done into your niche.

Our Final Thoughts

You have to understand that selling an ‘Online Course’ is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to be patient after posting your course on some websites.

Keep students engaged in your course and make them busy through ‘modern study techniques’ explained above. Answer questions as soon as you have time.

Maintain good SEO and write good titles for every video included in your course.

Think it

‘No one wakes up having the idea of buying an online course’ if someone is buying from you, you have to make sure you are providing them with good, well-placed content that ‘actually’ solves their queries and creates your brand awareness among people.

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